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Hygisun OP-Maske Typ IIR Earloop Schwarz

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Surgical mask according to EU regulation Standard according to EN 14683:2019... more
Product information "Hygisun OP-Maske Typ IIR Earloop Schwarz"
  • Surgical mask according to EU regulation
  • Standard according to EN 14683:2019
  • Subject to the strictest quality controls
  • skin-friendly three-layer filter material, non-woves fabric, fine fibers and rubber
  • different product color
  • high waring comfort and high accuracy of fit
  • achieves a filter performance of at least 98%
  • External protection and limited self-protection in the event of airborne infections
  • One size fits all, suitable for almost all face types
  • Disposable masks
  • Can only be worn by one and the same person


Hygisun surgical mask type IIR Earloop

The Hygisun surgical mask type IIR Earloop (other names: medical mouth and nose protection, respiratory protection mask or face mask) is a medical product with the intention of reducing the transmission of pathogens through droplet infection. This is mainly used for external protection, but correct use can increase self-protection. It consists of skin-friendly three-layer filter material, non-woven fabric, fine fibers and rubber. The soft rubber loops and the adjustable nose clip guarantee a high level of comfort. The surgical masks are only available in one size and fit almost all face types.

In Europe, the masks are standardized according to EN 149683:2019 for protective properties for the wearer.

The Hygisun surgical mask type IIR tie-on filters at least 98% of the test aerosol, achieves a pressure difference of <60 Pa/cm² and a pressure of the spray resistance of >=16.0 kPa.

Before putting on the masks, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or a suitable disinfectant. You should then out on the mask so that it completely covers your mouth and nose so that there is no gap between your face and mask. A flexible nose clip ensures that the mask fits securely and comfortably.

When removing the mask, bend forward slightly and pull it down at an angle. Then please dispose of the mask according to regulations.

Please note that these are disposable masks and should only be worn by one person.

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